a faux rich text editor for Twitter via ascii -> unicode transforms

With Bedazzle, you can write "rich text" on Twitter!

Kinda, sorta, but not really. More like faux rich text via unicode.

Bedazzle is a Chrome extension which adds unicode transforming functions to your Tweet editor on

It's based nearly entirely on unicate, which was created by Andrew Filer (@afiler).

start using it!

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try this real quick

If you click this Tweet button, you'll be told that you're over the character limit by 50 characters. But, if you click submit anyway, it'll work just fine. That's because the character counter seems to count the unicode characters as 2 characters each, but it looks like on the backend they're treated as 1 char each.

does this always work?

There's a good chance that if you're on Windows, you won't see the unicode characters from these tweets rendered correctly. Also, the Twitter Android app seems to convert our unicode characters back to ascii. Works fine on OS X, though!